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RAJ: Gears of Life at Ou Meulteater

Fri May 24, 20:00 - Fri May 24, 23:00

Ou Meulteater


RAJ and his complete band will be performing on Friday the 24th of March 2024 at Ou Meulteater in Paarl. (PREVIOUSLY SOLD OUT)

SHOW NAME: RAJ | Gears of Life

The show focuses on LIFE, the adventure. The highs and the unfortunate expected lows. Including the middle parts that we sometimes forget to appreciate. The adventure from being a young child, a teenager, stories of school and college, surviving without work, falling in love with the wrong person, finding the right one, losing a friends, losing a parents, losing yourself and finding yourself again. The unavoidable obstacles, the inevitable death.

The show is highly relatable to every human being in all walks of life.


This high energy octane show will leave you breathless starting with the raw artistry of the music, the chemistry between artist and audience to the sheer presence of the live on stage performance.


I was blown away during the sound check already. Beautiful lyrics, insane vocal range and control is an immediate sell. Add to that his gentle demeanor and incredible stage presence, I was sold.

Truly electrifying, soul recharging stuff music memories are made of - Didi Taylor


RAJ: Gears of Life at Ou Meulteater
Ou Meulteater
56 Mill, Bertville, Paarl, 7680
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