Discipling Children Workshop

Sat Sep 7, 09:00 - Sat Sep 7, 13:00

The Father's House Christian Fellowship


Whose job is it to disciple children, what does it mean to 'disciple', and how do we reach the children sitting in our churches today?

“God gave the responsibility for training children in the faith to two distinct groups: to Israelite parents and to their covenant community.” 

Excerpt From Keeping Your Children's Ministry on Mission: Practical Strategies for Discipling the Next Generation Jared Kennedy

As part of their 'covenant community', how do we as children's ministries train children in the faith, or disciple them? What is our role in helping parents to train their children in the faith, and how do we help the rest of the church community to be involved?

Join us On Saturday 7 September as we discuss how we can come alongside parents and the church community and together train children in the faith. We will explore different understandings of the term 'disciple' and come up with a definition that may change what we have previously understood it to mean.

We will learn about how the children currently in our ministries are different to previous generations, and how best to minister to them.

There will be a practical demonstration of how to teach children to pray for the sick and how to use it to bridge the gap between generations at church.

Together we will workshop practical ideas to get the whole church involved to create an atmosphere of discipling one another.


Discipling Children Workshop
The Father's House Christian Fellowship
Bellbusk Cres, Vredenberg, Cape Town, 7530
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