Companion planting workshop

Sat May 25, 09:00 - Sat May 25, 12:00

Oranjezicht City Farm


Companion planting is a fantastic way to garden sustainably and promote biodiversity while reducing the need for chemicals. It's like fostering friendships among your plants. By teaming up certain plants, you can improve the overall health and vigour of your garden.

Join us at our companion planting workshop and explore the following:

Companions in Nature: Delve into the fascinating dynamics of adversity and diversity in nature's ecosystem. Learn how elements like fynbos, mushrooms, and geology play vital roles in creating resilient plant communities.

Looking Closer: Discover the language of plants and what it reveals about the environment. From the sun-seeking tendencies of leaves to the intricate dance of pollination orchestrated by flowers, understand how to plant strategically based on environmental cues like wind, sun, aspect, and seasonal variations.

The Fynbos Picture: Immerse yourself in the beauty of fynbos landscapes as we decipher the art of plant combinations, seasonal indicators, and the influence of microclimates on garden ecosystems.

Applying this to the Veg Garden: Gain practical insights into enhancing flavour, increasing yields, and fostering environmental protection through strategic plant pairings. Explore various garden layouts and gardening styles to create a bountiful and sustainable vegetable garden.

Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting out, this workshop is for you. Come and discover the harmony of plant partnerships, and get ready to see your garden flourish like never before.


Booking is essential as seats are limited.

Regret no refunds or date changes.


Companion planting workshop
Oranjezicht City Farm
87 Upper Orange St, Oranjezicht, Cape Town, 8001
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