SweatCamp Session

Sun Mar 12, 07:00 - Sun Mar 12, 08:00
Emmarentia Botanical Gardens


SweatCamp is a Full body based workout session happening once a month at Emmarentia Dam from 07:00am till 08:00am with 2 Professional Fittness Instructors Caryn & Malcom & 1 SweatCamp Partner Kabelo Thathe, run and managed by Zinzi Velelo. 
The Event has amazing workout music pumping from 6 speakers, keeping everyone energetic and entertained. Throughout the workout we make sure to pack the hour session with everything you need for a Fitness State Of Mind! We have 2 Medics on site to make sure that shoudl anything happen you are well taken care of. We offer water and fruits at the end of the session as a treat to all our SweatCampers. 

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