#KingdomMinds South Africa 2024 Conference is now SOLD OUT! But we hope to see you next year!

Sat Jun 29, 08:00 - Sat Jun 29, 18:00

Auditorium @ 140 West Street


Embrace the spirit of Fearless Faith at Kingdom Minds South Africa 2024, a transformative conference taking place on June 29th in Sandton, Johannesburg. Building on the success of previous editions, this year's event promises to be an enriching experience for Faith-driven executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders alike.

In a world where ethical dilemmas abound, Kingdom Minds endeavours to explore the integration of biblical principles into the corporate realm. Our theme, "Fearless Faith," encapsulates the ethos of bold, Christ-led entrepreneurship, rooted in love and disciplined excellence. Drawing from insights shared in past editions, we continue our journey towards empowering Christ-centred leaders to make meaningful contributions to the marketplace.

Through panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, attendees will gain practical wisdom on various facets of business leadership. Some key upcoming topics include exploring angel investing as a form of ministry, balancing power with humility, understanding redemptive entrepreneurship, mastering conflict management, and nurturing strategic relationships.

Held at The Auditorium, 140 West Street, Sandton, this event serves as a nexus for collaboration, inspiration, and personal growth.

Join us as we cultivate a community of fearless faith-driven leaders committed to making a positive impact in Africa and beyond.




To gain marketplace dominion through the equipping and launching of African Christ-centered, bible-believing Christian leaders to enable them to better serve and deploy their full gifts and talents into the marketplace for God’s glory in Africa.



Objectives of Kingdom Minds


1.1 Christ-Followers


We are here to advance the mission of equipping ambitious Christians in the marketplace, who have a vision to make incredible and big contributions to the marketplace by placing their gifts and talents to the service of others and to the Glory of God.


1.2 Africa-minded


The businesses impacted through Kingdom Minds are in Africa, created for Africa. To create a new Africa where people no longer have to leave for better opportunities, where fathers earn more than just livings, they earn the freedom to take care of their families and prosper, where children have access to quality world-class education. Where Africa is restored to her original glory.


1.3 Discipleship – Next Gen Kingdom Leaders


We are breeding a new generation of kingdom leaders that will disciple through their leadership. That will inspire. That will conduct business Christ’s way, the biblical way and cause others to ask “Why”, with the answer pointing to Christ.


Expected Outcomes for 2024:


  • Enhancing the comprehension of Christian executives and business leaders regarding the divine principles that can guide them towards achieving success in alignment with their faith.
  • Equipping Christian executives and business leaders with a practical toolkit of biblical principles and advice that can be effectively implemented within the dynamic business environment.
  • Cultivating a supportive community and network among Christian executives and business leaders, fostering collaboration and enabling the exchange of best practices to further strengthen their collective impact.




#KingdomMinds South Africa 2024 Conference is now SOLD OUT! But we hope to see you next year!
Auditorium @ 140 West Street
2 Gwen Ln, Sandown, Sandton, 2031
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