No under 13s

Book Launch : The Greatest Crisis Facing Humanity

Fri May 24, 15:00 - Fri May 24, 18:00

Sanctuary Mandela


Join us for a discussion on uncovering the paramount crisis facing humanity, a matter often underestimated. Our gathering will take place at Nelson Mandela's former residence, where he resided from 1992 to 1997 following his release from Robben Island. The venue is in the leafy suburb of Houghton, in Johannesburg.

The featured book, titled 'The Greatest Crisis Facing Humanity: The Inner Path to Global Awakening', delves into an era of profound challenge surpassing the likes of climate change, conflicts, social fragmentation, corruption, and warfare. This overarching crisis, though intangible, profoundly impacts our lives, hindering peace-building efforts, weakening collective responses to global issues, and stifling inspired action. Within the pages of this book lie two invaluable lessons drawn from the timeless wisdom of the ancient East. These lessons offer guidance for modern action, illuminating pathways toward clarity, empowerment, and transformative change in the face of significant change.

RSVP essential and open to the public for booking until 16th May. Booking for multiple individuals is available.

See you on Friday, the 24 May at 15h00.


Radhika Mia


Book Launch : The Greatest Crisis Facing Humanity
Sanctuary Mandela
4 13th Ave, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, 2198
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