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Mother Said

Sat Jun 1, 16:00 - Sat Jun 1, 19:00

Riverstone Lodge


Celebrate the profound influence of maternal wisdom at "Mother Said"! This May, join us for an event dedicated to honoring the divine role of mothers as prophetesses, speaking God's purpose over their children.

Mothers have the power to shape destinies with their words, instilling life, hope, and purpose in their sons and daughters. Whether they got it right from the start or are still finding their way, it's never too late to appreciate their influence.

"Mother Said" aims to deepen the connection between mothers and children, fostering appreciation from husbands and fathers for the incredible women in their lives. For those struggling with memories of their mothers, this event offers a path to forgiveness and healing. And for those still carried by the words of their mothers, it's a chance to commemorate and give thanks.

Join us for an uplifting experience featuring soulful performances by Yachle'el, Siphokazi, Andz, Pascaline Modiba, and insightful talks by speakers like Zamani Nkondo and Dr. Ayabulela Mnyanda-Baloyi, delving into the transformative power of a mother's spoken word. Don't miss out on this opportunity to honor, celebrate, and give thanks for mothers everywhere.


Mother Said
Riverstone Lodge
N14 & R114, Krugersdorp
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