Patient Safety Workshop: First Do No Harm (14 General CPD Points + 7 Ethics Points) 25-27 June

Tue Jun 25, 08:30 - Thu Jun 27, 17:00

Quaker House


Workshop runs from 8:30 to 17:00 each day.

Lunch + Teas provided


Workshop Highlights

Interactive Learning: Engage in a co-operative board game designed to illustrate complex patient safety concepts in a fun, clear and memorable way.

Real Case Studies: The game is embedded with a large number of real patient stories, which tangibly surface what can go wrong when patient safety principles aren't properly applied.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from the wealth of experience brought by Dr. Heather Tuffin, an expert in patient safety and quality improvement, with over 15 years of experience.

Inclusive Environment: Whether you're a clinician, technician, manager, support staff or any other role-player within healthcare, this workshop is for you. Gain insights and skills that are relevant across all levels of healthcare systems.

Comprehensive Coverage: Explore key patient safety topics like healthcare harm, error classification, systems thinking, and organisational accident model. Dive into the subcultures underpinning a Safety Culture, different ways to learn from the system, and the Contributing Factors that come into play in Patient Safety Incidents. Gain insights into the key workplace dynamics and organizational management factors that influence patient safety.

You will never see your work in the same way again!

A note from Heather: While I do need to feed my children, I am not a fan of life-saving learning being put behind a pay-wall. If you cannot afford the full-price (or any price) of this workshop, please whatsapp me at 0837402921 and we can absolutely organise a discount or a full sponsorship for your place.?


Patient Safety Workshop: First Do No Harm (14 General CPD Points + 7 Ethics Points) 25-27 June
Quaker House
2 Rye Rd, Mowbray, Cape Town, 7700
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