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Herbal Steam & Breathwork

Sat Jun 22, 16:30 - Sat Jun 22, 19:00

Imhoffs Gift


Join us for a women's only unique and sensory experience that combines the ancient practices of herbal steaming, abhyanga and breathwork. This transformative event will take you on a journey to connect with local indigenous herbs, open your airways, and deepen your connection to your body and the plant spirits.

Herbal steaming has been used for centuries in ceremonies and healing rituals around the world. During this session, you'll learn about and experience the benefits of herbal steaming with a selection of local plants. The steam will help open your airways, relax your muscles, and clear your mind, allowing you to prepare for the breathwork session ahead.

After our herbal steam we will take time to anoint ourselves with natural body oils, a way to connect with the divine & sensually indulge your skin & connect deeply with your body.

We will then engage in a gentle yet powerful breathwork using conscious connected breathing (CCB), a powerful technique that facilitates deep healing and transformation. Guided by myself - a trained breathwork facilitator and accompanied by carefully curated music, you'll engage in rhythmic breathing to induce altered states of consciousness and release stored emotional energy.

After the breathwork session, we'll come together to share herbal tea and integrate our experiences. This is a safe and supportive space for anyone looking to explore the healing power of breath and herbs, deepen their connection to nature, and experience profound personal growth.

Whether you're seeking relief from stress and anxiety, healing from past traumas, or simply looking to deepen your connection to yourself and the world around you, this event offers a safe & nurturing environment to explore and expand your inner world with fellow sisters.


~ Indigenous herbs for a herbal steam + information on the benefits of each plant

~ Guided self-massage or abhyanga using natural body oils

~ Optional psilocybin micro dose

~ 1 hour guided breathwork journey

~ Time to share & connect with fellow sisters

~ Herbal tea & light snack

I look forward to sharing this transformative journey with you.


Herbal Steam & Breathwork
Imhoffs Gift
3 Cormorant Cl, Imhoff's Gift, Cape Town, 7975
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