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Sealand: Jasper Eales' Founder Journey to Sustainable Adventure!

Thu May 30, 13:00 - Thu May 30, 14:30

Innovation City


Join us for an exclusive Founder Story event featuring Jasper Eales, the visionary mind behind Sealand. As one of the original founders and a valued shareholder, Jasper epitomises the adventurous spirit and conscious lifestyle ethos that defines this local brand.

From the picturesque shores of Llandudno to the vibrant Sealand Campus nestled near Table Mountain, Jasper's journey has been one of innovation and environmental stewardship. With a passion for the ocean and a commitment to responsible business practices, Jasper has steered Sealand towards becoming a leader in sustainable fashion, both in South Africa and globally.

At the heart of Sealand lies a dedication to craftsmanship and creativity. Every product, from bags to apparel, is meticulously handmade from waste or responsibly sourced materials. These durable creations not only reflect Jasper's commitment to quality but also his belief in lasting solutions for a better world.

But Jasper isn't just a business leader; he's a part of the Sealand family. Whether he's surfing the waves or chatting with colleagues over an oat milk flat white, his presence infuses every aspect of the brand with warmth and authenticity!

Join us at Innovation City on the 30th of May 1pm - 2:30pm as Jasper shares his journey, from the early days of Sealand to the inspiring future he envisions for his brand.


  1. Inspiration and Insight: Gain firsthand insight into the journey of Sealand, a pioneering brand in sustainable fashion and responsible business practices. By hearing Jasper Eales' Founder Story, be inspired by his vision, creativity, and determination, motivating them to pursue your own entrepreneurial endeavours with purpose and passion.
  2. Networking and Community Building: The event provides a unique opportunity for attendees to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for sustainability, adventure, and conscious living. Engage with fellow attendees and expand your network, forge valuable connections at the best business hub in Cape Town!
  3. Education and Learning: Jasper's Founder Story offers a wealth of educational value, providing practical insights, strategies, and lessons learned from building a successful brand with a positive social and environmental impact.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, aspiring business leader, or simply a curious individual, you will leave the event with valuable knowledge and inspiration!

Please note: This is an in-person only event.

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Location: We're just off Kloof Street on Darter Road.

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Sealand: Jasper Eales' Founder Journey to Sustainable Adventure!
Innovation City
Darter Studios, Darter Road, Longkloof, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001
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