No under 18s

Gin Infusion

Thu May 30, 18:00 - Thu May 30, 21:00

Jozi Gin Bryanston


30th May | 6pm - 9pm.

Crafting Gin. Infusing Memories.

Jozi Gin Infusion invites couples and singles to a night of bespoke gin crafting and culinary delights. Each pair will end the night with a personalized infused gin bottle to take home as a token of the unforgettable evening.

Price: R1500 per couple | R1000 per person

What to expect:

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Gin Crafting Workshop: Couples are guided through the process of crafting their own unique gin infusion, learning about botanicals, flavors, and techniques from expert mixologists
  • Tasting Session: After crafting their gin, couples enjoy a tasting session to explore different flavors and combinations.
  • Select Menu Dinner: A specially curated menu is served, featuring delicious dishes that complement the crafted gins.
  • Personalized Bottling: Each couple receives a personalized gin bottle with their crafted infusion, ready to take home as a memento.
  • Farewell and Thank You: The evening concludes with a farewell, thanking guests for joining and inviting them to return for future experiences.

See you there!


Gin Infusion
Jozi Gin Bryanston
Cnr Posthouse and, Main Rd, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191
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