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Start Your Side Hustle Quickly and Easily Without Risking Everything

Sat Jun 1, 09:00 - Sat Jun 1, 13:00

Advanced Assessment & Training Offices, Building 1 & 3, CNR Hawken and Boskruin Village Centre, Park President Fouche Dr, Boskruin, Randburg


Are you keen to start a side hustle but unsure where to begin? You're not alone. According to the Momentum SMME and Side Hustle Landscape report, while 60% of employees dream of starting their own side hustle, only 10% take the leap. Worry no more if the thought of risking your financial and family stability holds you back.

Start a Side Hustle Today Without Risking Everything

Under the guidance of Willem Gous, Startup Mentor of the Year 2023, discover how to launch your side hustle smoothly and swiftly. Our workshop empowers you, just as we have empowered thousands in South African townships through The Human Entrepreneur, turning novice entrepreneurs into successful business owners in weeks.

What You Will Gain at the Side Hustle Success 4-Hour Masterclass

  1. Gain clarity about your future: Why are you starting a side hustle? - Avoid building the wrong business, saving you time, money and stress.
  2. Start Quick, Start Cheap: How to start your side hustle quickly without risking everything. - Learn how you can start making money FAST!
  3. Find Money Fast: How to find customers with money - Finding the right customers saves you time and helps you make money faster.
  4. Breaking Barriers: Overcoming fear, demotivation and rejection - This is tough to overcome. Don't worry; you are supported and will gain confidence quickly.
  5. Sustainable Success: How to Find Your Rhythm of Success and Accelerate Your Success - Let's make your business grow and make more money faster.

Why Choose This Masterclass? - Great Benefits

Our success stories include helping unemployed individuals in townships start profitable businesses without any external funding within just five weeks. We know what works and what doesn’t, saving you time and money.

  • Lower Your Risk: Learn how to start your side hustle with minimal risk. Perfect if you're worried about money or job security.
  • Clear Steps to Follow: Get a simple, step-by-step guide on how to find customers and launch your business. Ideal if starting a business seems overwhelming.
  • Meet New People: Connect with others who are like you and meet experienced entrepreneurs. This is great for finding friends, advice, and maybe even business partners.
  • Build Your Confidence: With practical skills and motivational tips, you can overcome fear and gain the confidence you need to succeed.
  • Value for Now and Later: Take home a free book and gain knowledge to help you grow your side hustle today and in the future.

Hear What They Say

"Attending the Side Hustle event was a game-changer. The speaker’s practical advice and the compelling story of adaptability were particularly impactful. I highly recommend this course for anyone serious about entrepreneurship." – Marcia Kgatuke

“I plan on starting a catering business to supplement my work as a chef, and with the skills I learned, I will use everything to start right away.”

“Starting a business that will benefit me and make me financially stable, and I will want to provide for my family, and it will be good for me and the future.”

“I plan to start my own business with the tips I got today. I know understand how to start one”

“To upgrade my standard of living and to increase my chances of a better me.”

“I plan on creating my own fashion and art business, then using half of my profit to help homeless people."

Special Bonus: Free Book Worth R350!

Register now and receive a complimentary copy of "Side Hustle Success" – your guide to a low-cost, high-reward business venture in five easy steps.

"I am a seasoned entrepreneur of 28 years and a multiple-business owner. "Side Hustle Success" is the go-to book for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners like me looking to revamp their strategies. What sets this book apart is its holistic approach, covering every aspect of starting and growing a business."

~ H Pema - Business Owner and Entrepreneur

"A quick and easy read. Willem offers logical and practical advice to the aspiring entrepreneur, facilitating an uncomplicated start to potential success."

~ Craig Wilkinson - Business Owner

"Overall, Side Hustle Success is an exciting and inspiring read that will leave you motivated, informed, and ready to embark on your entrepreneurial journey."

~ Book Review by Helen Will - Business Owner

"I thoroughly recommend Willem and his work to educational, business, government and civil society organisations wishing to increase economic activity in needy communities."

~ Toby Chance - Head of Enterprise Development - Co.Space

Who Should Attend?

  • Employed individuals aspiring to earn extra income
  • Unemployed individuals that need to start something FAST
  • Students and schoolchildren
  • Families interested in entrepreneurship (a great start for kids too!)
  • Existing side hustle owners looking to boost their business
  • Entrepreneurs of all ages, from 16 to 65

Event Details

Date: Saturday, Saturday, 1 June 2024

Time: 9:00 AM 1:00 PM

Location: Advanced Assessment & Training Offices, Building 1 & 3, CNR Hawken and Boskruin Village Centre, Park President Fouche Dr, Boskruin, Randburg

Investment: R1450 (Tea, coffee, and light snacks included)

Special prices are available for couples or parents bringing a child. 

About Willem Gous - Your Trainer

With 24 years of entrepreneurship experience, Willem is a mentor and a proven leader in creating sustainable businesses from scratch. His awards and recognitions speak to his expertise and commitment to fostering entrepreneurial skills among novices and professionals alike.

Willem founded The Human Entrepreneur, a business that created a recipe for job creation in Africa. He takes unemployed people in townships and gets them to start a business without external funding in just 5 weeks, and the business is profitable enough to sustain themselves financially. 

As a dedicated father and an avid reader, Willem balances his professional excellence with a rich personal life. Holding a Master’s degree in Information Systems Management, he's a respected professional speaker, facilitator, and member of prestigious advisory boards, including the Professional Interest Network of the University of Liverpool Management School.

Achievements & Recognitions

  • Winner 2023: Startup Mentor of the Year
  • Finalist 2022: Startup Mentor of the Year
  • Finalist 2022: Incubator of the Year – The Human Entrepreneur
  • Winner 2023: Entrepreneurship Education Programme – The Human Entrepreneur
  • Thinkers 360 – Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Lean Startup 2022 & 2023

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Don’t let another day pass dreaming about what could be. Join us at the Side Hustle Success Masterclass and start your journey to entrepreneurial freedom and financial independence.

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Start Your Side Hustle Quickly and Easily Without Risking Everything
Advanced Assessment & Training Offices, Building 1 & 3, CNR Hawken and Boskruin Village Centre, Park President Fouche Dr, Boskruin, Randburg
Building 1 & 3, CNR Hawken and, Boskruin Village Centre, Park President Fouche Dr, Boskruin, Randburg, 2188
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