Same Sex Saturday - DBN

Sat Apr 27, 14:00 - Sun Apr 28, 00:00

The Bond Shed


Let the community explore, express and enjoy themselves. Same Sex Saturday is all about creating a space for the queer community to just enjoy each other, music and create good energy.

Other Village People - Public Service announcement

  • If you don't want your photo taken, please advise photographer.
  • Do tell your friends when you leave and remember to share your uber trips with someone.
  • Keep in mind that we believe in communal accountability and responsibility. If you see something say something and assist. We are all in charge of keeping the event as safe as possible.
  • Respect people's pronouns. Ask, don't assume.
  • Always ask for consent.
  • Trust your vibes, energy never lies.
  • Take up space but consider others. Allies please be mindful that this space is curated for the queer community. Allies aren't our first priority.
  • Don't police anyone's queerness.
  • Respect people's boundaries.
  • Again, consent. consent. consent.
  • NB: We only have the capacity to deal with conflict that occurs within our event space. If you feel uncomfortable in any way please speak to the door person, bouncers or bar members they will be able to assist. If you see something, say something. Let's keep the space safe together.
  • Lastly, we make our community what it is. Look out for each other, share positive energy. We are all here to live in our bodies, to live in our truth.

Remember, Other Village People curates intentional queer social spaces, that aim to make people connect without judgement from any form of racism, classism, sexism, body shaming, homophobia, transphobia, harassment of any kind.


Any form of violence or harm will not be tolerated and if this happens in any capacity. You will be asked to leave.


Same Sex Saturday - DBN
The Bond Shed
54 Siemert Rd, New Doornfontein, Johannesburg, 2094
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