No under 18s

Folk in the city with The Muffinz

Sun Apr 28, 17:00 - Sun Apr 28, 22:00

Untitled basement


10+ Years ago The muffinz burst into the South African music scene as a 5 piece guitar inclined band dedicating itself to reinvigorating the local live music scene. With a refined mix of afro -aesthetic inspired music and a style that cuts through genres, The Muffins made it cool to play live again. 

Inspiring a generation of young courageous musicians to take pride in singing in their own languages, voices and telling their own stories.

The muffinz also released their critically acclaimed debut album called “Have you Heard” which saw the band receive multiple awards and nominations whilst taking over the global music scene and festival circuits. The album and music are still the theme music to our past and present lives. 

We are truly honored to host The Muffinz .... AND YES THE MUFFINZ STILL RULE THE WORLD … if you haven’t Heard…

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Folk in the city with The Muffinz
Untitled basement
7 Reserve St, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2017
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