A Night on the streets

Sat May 18, 18:00 - Sun May 19, 06:00

Event is online


With winter on its way we know that life on the streets is harshest at this time of year when the icy winds blow and the incessant rain makes it even more difficult to eke out a living on the streets.

That's why we're inviting you to be part of our 'Night on the Street' campaign in partnership with BMW Constantia and SMG. Take the bold step and spend one night outdoors together with your family & pets, help raise awareness in your backyard! 

Your participation in this campaign is integral to drive out homelessness. Here’s how you can help:

1. Purchase your ticket online: https://qkt.io/afpTyu

2. Print out your ticket

3. 'Camp' out on May 18th 6pm - 6am

4. Document your experience, photos & videos 

5. Share on your social media with snaps of your family + ticket and tag us using #anightonthestreets hashtag

Handles: FB @Uturnhomelessministries INSTA @Uturnsa