Magoebaskloof Tourism MTB and Running Trails 2024

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Magoebaskloof Tourism Association provides access to Mountain Bike and Running Trails in the beautiful Magoebaskloof Area. Trails are of varying distances and can be accessed from various convenient locations. The trails have been chosen to show case the most scenic parts of the district, whilst providing diverse and enjoyable rides/ runs. Choose from:

  • Yellow Trail (25 km)
  • Blue Trail (10km)
  • Ebenezer Circuit (32km)
  • Dap Naude Circuit (30km)

Access Points

  • Zwakala Brewery
  • Cheerio Gardens Cafe
  • Blue Berry Heights Cafe
  • Haenertsburg Village

The Yellow and Blue routes are signposted, other routes require you to follow your GPS

Visit our website to download GPX files and for more info:



Your email/SMS confirmation of purchase is your permit. Please ensure you have access to it, should a landowner request to see it.
  • Use of this mountain biking/ running trail is at your own risk. Property owners/managers will not be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage sustained on this trail. 
  • To use this trail you require a permit.
  • In using these trails you agree to:
    • Not smoke on the trail
    • Not consume alcohol on the trail
    • Strictly no fires
    • Not picnic
    • Not litter - please take your rubbish with you
    • Not damage or remove fauna and/or flora
    • Stay on the designated trail
  • Please ensure that you have the contact number for the establishment you are departing from in case of emergency.
  • Water along the route is safe to drink but please take sufficient water for your needs.
  • Forestry operations may be in progress on these trails and care should be taken at all times.
  • Sections of the trails are shared with walkers and vehicles and care should be taken at all times.
  • Please close any gates that you have opened to continue on the trail. 


This 25km route is suitable for experienced riders and weekend warriors who want to test their strength and stamina. It follows roads through plantations, gardens and pasture land, passes secluded dams and babbling streams. It includes a few sections of single track to get the adrenaline pumping. The climbs are steep and long but the views from the top towards the Wolkberg make it all worthwhile. Stop at Zwakala for a beer.
The route can be accessed from:

1. At Zwakala Brewery
23°54’1.84″S 29°56’0.51″E
Starting Point Approximately 50m before you get to the Zwakala Brewery Building
The Route is signposted

2. At The Cheerio Café, Cheerio Gardens
23°53’32.82″S 29°57’12.04″E
Approximately 40m from the Café across the small dam wall
The Route is signposted


tanford Lake/ Blue Berry Heights/Ebenezer Dam (Blue) This 10km route is suitable for most riders. It follows the edge of Stanford Lake and Ebenezer Dam on well used roads with a few sections of single track to get the adrenalin pumping. It can be accessed from Blue Berry Heights.

The route links several accommodation establishments in the Magoebaskloof area, making it easily accessible. The route is circular, best to begin from:

Blueberry Heights Restaurant

23°54’36.74″S  29°58’56.14″E

Turnoff on the A21 Exit on the R71

Starting Point is approximately 150m from the Entrance

The Route is signposted


This is a lovely route for general tourists to explore Haenertsburg surroundings and enjoy stunning views of Ebenezer Dam. The route starts at the Haenertsburg Village Hall where there is ample parking to leave your vehicle. The route is a mixture of a bit of the main Georges Valley Road then along the bailiff’s jeep track to the Power Boat Club past the Yacht Club, over the Ebenezer Dam Wall, along the “G” road, turning off just before the R71 and on to Blueberry Heights farm , joining the bailiff’s track again and remaining on a jeep track until you are about 1.5 km from Haenertsburg where you have to travel on the R71 for this short distance back to the Village Hall. The Route is about 32km long with an elevation gain of about 460m. It is a comfortable 2hr ride, suitable for casual bikers, but a great ride for anyone. The Route is not signposted


Magoebaskloof Tourism MTB and Running Trails 2024
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