Sat Apr 27, 19:00 - Sun Apr 28, 03:00



LEGACY Desert Ball : Mirage on the Whorizon 


In the sprit of new beginnings and journeys with unexpected twists and turns as we arrive here at the Legacy Desert Ball : MIRAGE ON THE WHORIZION 

We are on a quest to discover what lie beneath the sands, unearthing our most inner parts and sharing our treasures. Will you be the next to reign supreme as you battle for your 10’s and fight for your right to be inaugurated in the Vally Of The Queers?

Come dressed for the Sand Gods and don’t get lost in the sand storm! Do you dare to journey with us?


Face - It’s ancient Egypt and you’re the pharaoh. Beautifully bronzed skin with the eyes of Horus, and eyeliner like a knife unsheathed. Draw blood and demand loyalty. 

Urban Streetwear - Fashion dolls to the front. We want to see your best desert dystopian lewks. She’s Mad Maxine at a desert rave, and the beat is about to dip, meisie. 

Body - You’re filthy… and after days of walking, you’ve found an oasis. Drink it in and show us hydration, honey. This body got you this far, but can you snatch the win?

Bizarre - Think of desert hallucinations. What do you see when you’re dehydrated and on the brink of death? What mirage takes form and taunts you across the dunes? Be creative and make sure your garment doesn’t disintegrate in the heat.

Vogue OTA - The Beyhive is looking for a new sheriff in town, so get your denim on denim on denims on for your stand-off, as the towns people gather to witness the battle! Oh and keep it in the Box! You didn’t think it would be easy did you?


19:00 Doors open 

21:00 Opening Function

00:00 After Party

Ballroom or Ball is the term to describe what started as an underground LGBTQ+ subculture. That has since grown and flourished into a global counter cultural phenomenon. Originated by young African-American and Latinx American individuals in New York City, USA, in which people walk (or compete) for prizes and status at events known as balls.


409 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7915
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