No under 18s

Real People Real Results - 21 Days Transformation Challenge

Mon Apr 8, 07:00 - Sun Apr 28, 18:00

Event is online


Real People Real Results 

Let us make 2024 a year of Great Transformation!

We would love to invite you to our incredible community of health and fitness for our upcoming 21 Days Transformation Challenge. This challenge is open to anyone who's looking to get support along their journey of a healthy active lifestyle.

Transform with us and be in line of winning Cash Prizes. There is R6000 To Be won, with 3Top Transformation Winners!

The challenge will be run online through our telegram support systems. After registering you will be coached online on how to create new healthy habits and how to move your body through fitness to get your results. The challenge will run for 21 days where you will need to share your day one before picture and your last day after picture. From your submission of your before and after pictures, there will be three top winners selected based on the best transformation. All challengers will be sent a word to write on a paper for day one submissions and day twenty-one submissions.

We’ve helped hundreds of people transform their bodies over the past years from different ages, gender, body types and different fitness levels. No matter who you are, Everyone is welcomed 

If you have a desire to improve your lifestyle to a healthy and active one this challenge is for you!

You must be willing to:

  • Put in the work and give it your best 
  • Follow your meal plan
  • Commit for 21 days of accountability
  • Workout regularly
  • Take before and after pictures 
  • Trust the process 

We look forward to helping you transform your habits and mindset.