Doorways to an Integrative and Intuitive Healing Level 2 Training

Fri Apr 19, 16:00 - Sat Apr 20, 18:00

Path to Health Centre


This Level 2 training will deepen the PATH Method skillset as a transformative learning process on the path towards a whole person, whole world Participatory Health and Healing practice

It will open new doorways for personal and professional growth, expanding the skillset and toolkit for enhanced diagnosis and therapy.

Our focus will be on finding access to the greater human potential that lies hidden in the body, soul and spirit of the practitioner, the patient or client and the therapeutic alliance.

Through immersion into the somatic, artistic, dramatic-expressive and participatory experience as well as the cognitive path of self-knowing, we shall be deepening our awareness and interaction with supersensible energetic systems in the context of health, ill-health and healing. You will continue to learn practical ways to overcome blocks through empowered resources within yourself and others.

Module 4: Building on the conscious participative exploration of the Self acquired in Module 1, the 3-Fold and 4-Fold energetic systems will be explored as the inner universal force fields behind the outer manifestations of health, ill-health and healing. Deeper access to the dimension of Self will be attained through exploring themes related to health and human development - embryology, biography, participatory medicine and psychosophy (science of the psyche)

Module 5: On the foundation for understanding one’s partners- internal persona, patients, clients, the world of nature - created in Module 2 - the 3-Fold and 4-Fold energetic systems will be applied to a conscious participation with the three primary human organ systems and the three kingdoms of nature. Themes related to ill health - childhood illnesses and the stress paradigm - will be used to deepen our diagnostic awareness of the YOU dimension.

Module 6: Working with our tentative immersion into the inner nature of partnership and alliance touched on in Module3, therapeutic interventions will showcase the power of the We dimension to restore health and healing to the 3-Fold and 4-Fold energetic systems. the healing arts, sound and gestures, and the resources for overcoming restrictive thinking and behaviour will highlight these interventions.

Module 4: 19- 20 April

Module 5: 10 – 11 May

Module 6: 7 -8 June

Modules will be held at the following times:

Friday: 4pm - 9pm (light supper provided)

Saturday: 9am - 6pm (lunch and tea provided)

Fee will include 3 monthly Zooms (5 May, 26 May, 23 June) and self guided homewok

Scholarship fees available on request. Please contact [email protected] for details.


Doorways to an Integrative and Intuitive Healing Level 2 Training
Path to Health Centre
19 Willow Rd, Belle Constantia, Cape Town, 7806
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