No under 13s

Meg van Wyk - 'Trousseau' EP launch

Fri Apr 26, 19:30 - Fri Apr 26, 21:00

The Blend


Experience a mesmerizing musical journey through love, loss, and self-discovery at Meg van Wyk's 'Trousseau' EP launch during the Love Life Festival. Join us at The Blend for an intimate acoustic performance that weaves the heartfelt stories behind the music.

As a singer-songwriter, Meg van Wyk will captivate your heart with her dream folk/ambient pop sound, as she shares the poignant love songs written for and about her late husband. Throughout the evening, Meg artfully combines storytelling and ritual, allowing us to collectively process emotions.

'Trousseau' is an emotionally charged collection of songs, and this live performance offers a unique opportunity to dive into the depths of grief, healing, and transformation. Discover the power of music to weave a tapestry of sound and emotion, leaving you moved and inspired.

Don't miss this chance to embrace a new voice in the music world and embark on an unforgettable musical odyssey with Meg van Wyk. Reserve your spot now for an evening that promises to touch your soul and resonate with your heart.


Meg van Wyk - 'Trousseau' EP launch
The Blend
46 Voortrekker St, Mcgregor, McGregor, 6708
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