No under 13s

Glamour Wellness Event

Sun Apr 7, 11:00 - Sun Apr 7, 16:00

Kenilworth Racecourse


Introducing Glamour’s first-ever wellness event!

We're thrilled to announce Glamour’s inaugural wellness event, a dynamic collaboration with leading sports and fitness brands! The Glamour team designed this groundbreaking initiative to ignite a holistic approach to well-being, merging the worlds of physical fitness, mental health, and personal growth. We aim to inspire and empower individuals on their wellness journey.

The event details are as follows:

When: Sunday, 7 April 2024

Time: 11 AM - 4 PM

Where: Kenilworth Racecourse - Wetton Rd Entrance

Ticket Option 1: R550 without a picnic box

Ticket Option 2: R750 with a picnic box

Dress Code: Athleisure/Sportswear/Activewear

Example of what may be included in the picnic box:

Option 1: Non Vegetarian Option

  • Trail mix
  • Sliced beef biltong
  • Pineapple and strawberry bowls
  • Classic Chicken Caesar Wrap
  • Decadent dark chocolate and pecan brownie
  • Aero Bar
  • Kelloggs Bar

Option 2: Vegetarian picnic boxes

  • Trail mix
  • Fruit Salad
  • Mini Veg Wrap
  • Decadent dark chocolate and pecan brownie
  • Aero Bar
  • Kelloggs Bar

Please note that there will be food vendors available for those who did not choose the picnic box option :)

What you can expect: 

Guided Workouts: The event space will have spaces allocated to 15-minute workout sessions. These workout sessions will include yoga, breath work, dance, and a shape workout to energise and invigorate your body and mind. These will be conducted by trained teachers and total an hour of exercise. 

Wellness Exhibitions: Explore an array of wellness exhibitions showcasing products and practices. From organic skincare to mindfulness tools and cutting-edge wellness technologies, discover everything you need to enhance your holistic wellness journey.

Guests and Experts Speakers: Setting the tone for the day's activities, our guest speaker will share and discuss her wellness journey and its importance. Later, a panel of esteemed leading experts will share insights into what wellness looks like today. 

Glamour Goodie Bag: Attendees will receive a special yoga mat, cap and a goodie bag filled with Health, Beauty, Nutrition, Hair and Skin care products + the latest issue of GLAMOUR magazine worth over R2000

Vibrant Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, where active participation and enjoyment are encouraged. Connect with like-minded individuals and embrace the joy of holistic living. 

From invigorating workouts to enlightening seminars, our event promises an immersive experience tailored to elevate mind, body, and spirit. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle with our esteemed wellness partners.


Glamour Wellness Event
Kenilworth Racecourse
Kenilworth Racecourse - Wetton Rd Entrance, Kenilworth, Cape Town, 7708
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