Haunted Train Ghost Dinner - HEIDELBERG - 20 April 2024 - R 599 PER PERSON (6pm - 10pm)

Sat Apr 20, 18:00 - Sat Apr 20, 22:00

Adler's Restaurant


This is one of our most popular events, but runs rarely

due to the owner having to run the Mystery Ghost "Tours" in 8 cities around SA.

Sells out quickly (only 48 seats), where several people tend to book many friends to join them.

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This is a unique production, where people travel from afar due to its popularity. You will be served a 5-star, 3-course meal, on 2 vintage museum-piece dining cars. The dinner is interpersed with the 3 Acts below, where you will be entertained by the inimitable owner of the long-running SA's Mystery Ghost Tours, Mark Rose-Christie, in person.

Part of the production takes place in 2 vintage dining cars (coaches) which are precious museum pieces and are not allowed to move (we are lucky to use them). But you won't know that there is no movement, because we add effects as if the train is moving to different station stops. The 'station stop' parts of the production take place in the dark & eerie station hall.

(1). Act 1: "Tour" - Our production begins with a ghost tour of SA's most haunted olde Victorian train station (opened in 1895), followed by Starters. The olde steam train whistle blows, the clickety-clack of the sounds of the wheels on the rails begins, and you are off to the next train station stop called "Spookheuwel" (the train doesn't actually move, but we add effects as if it is moving).

(2). Act 2: "Spookheuwel" station stop - You will leave the dining car and enter the station's hall. Here, you will be treated to classic countryside (veld) ghost stories from around SA, by the light of the moon on a black backdrop and the sounds of crickets occasionally chirping, as if you are really outside in the eerie night air. Then it is back to the dining car for the Main Course, as the train leaves for the next stop called "Victoria Hollow".

(3). Act 3: "Victoria Hollow" station stop - You will leave the dining car and enter the station's hall again, but which is decorated differently this time so that you think you are at a different station stop yet again. Here you will enjoy the 'Vaudeville Spook Stage Show' (just like such stage shows were presented from the 1880s to 1920s), where you will be entertained to the hilt by candlelight with all manner of eerie visual effects. Then it is back to the dining cars for Dessert plus drinks, liqueurs, coffee and/or tea.

Minimum Booking: 2 persons.

Drinks NOT included in ticket price


All Details & Full Description of this event at the BOTTOM of the website @ www.MysteryGhostProductions.co.za

Duration 6pm - 10pm

Old (NOT New) Heidelberg Train Station (Gauteng)

Meet at Adler's Restaurant at the station before boarding the train

Secure Parking at the station

Strict Formal Dress Code: Men - Jackets & Ties / Ladies - Long Dresses. OR you can dress up in period costume.

(Or dress up in period attire, even Victorian attire).

Bring Pub Money

T's & C's apply @ www.MysteryGhostProductions.co.za

(4). HOW TO PAY:

Here at QUICKET you can use a Credit Card, most Debit Cards, EFT, or Bank Deposit. You can choose to print your ticket, or have it sent by SMS.


Haunted Train Ghost Dinner - HEIDELBERG - 20 April 2024 - R 599 PER PERSON (6pm - 10pm)
Adler's Restaurant
c/o Voortrekker &, Peperboom St, Industrial, Heidelberg - GP, 1441
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