Start-up of the Year Top 10 Live Pitching Event

Wed Apr 24, 17:00 - Wed Apr 24, 19:30

Innovation City Cape Town


Witness our Top 10 finalists in Innovation City's Startup of the Year 2024 Competition battle it out LIVE in front of our esteemed judges.

Find out how to PITCH the RIGHT WAY by watching how it's done!

The Top 10 will be judged on a scoring system according to these criteria:

  • Does the team understand the problem they're solving, and have they identified a suitable solution?
  • Is the proposed solution clear and feasible?
  • Does the business idea seem viable and promising?
  • Is the pitch backed up by credible evidence?
  • Are the next steps outlined clearly?
  • Was the presentation engaging and did the presenter exude confidence?


  1. Discover Innovative Solutions: Witness teams tackle real-world problems with creative and innovative solutions.
  2. Support Entrepreneurial Spirit: Be part of a supportive community that encourages and celebrates entrepreneurship.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, potential collaborators, and industry professionals.
  4. Learn from Experts: Gain insights from experienced judges and mentors who provide valuable feedback and advice.
  5. Inspiration and Entertainment: Be inspired by passionate presenters and enjoy an engaging and entertaining event.
  6. Stay Updated: Stay informed about emerging trends and cutting-edge ideas in various industries.
  7. Potential Investment Opportunities: Discover promising ventures and potential investment opportunities.
  8. Fun and Social Atmosphere: Enjoy a lively and interactive atmosphere filled with enthusiasm and excitement.
  9. Celebrate Success: Join in celebrating the achievements and milestones of participating teams and entrepreneurs.
  10. Be Part of Something Meaningful: Contribute to fostering innovation and driving positive change in the community and beyond.

Seats are limited. Save yours now!


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Zachariah George | Managing Partner Launch Africa Ventures
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Alan Barr | KPMG
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Natalie Kolbe | Norssken
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Mike Joubert | iXperience
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Tatenda Nyamuda | E4E


Location: We're just off Kloof Street on Darter Road.
Traffic Alert: Please be cautious of traffic heading into town.
Parking Options:
  • Behind the Spar on Kloof Street.
  • Kloof Street and surrounding areas.
  • Parkade Kloof Lifestyle Center on Park Road.
Recommended: It's always best to use Uber for convenience.


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Standard Bank
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Start-up of the Year Top 10 Live Pitching Event
Innovation City Cape Town
Gardens Cape Town, Gardens, 8001
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