Managing Misconduct Workshop (virtual)

Wed Jun 12, 10:00 - Thu Jun 13, 14:00

Online (Teams)


Managing employees can, at times, be challenging, especially given South Africa’s complex Labour Legislation. It is not uncommon to hear in the news how a Company mismanaged the exit of an employee who committed alleged misconduct, often resulting in a costly financial outcome for the Company. This workshop will equip HR professionals and managers with the relevant Labour Legislation knowledge, best practices, and practical approaches to progressively manage misconduct in the workplace. This workshop will equip HR professionals and managers with appropriate skills and knowledge to manage disciplinary processes and to minimise negative potential outcomes for Companies at the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA). 

On completion of this workshop, delegates will:

1. Know when to issue warnings, and when to counsel employees.

2. Know when to convene a disciplinary discussion and when a disciplinary hearing.

3. Understand the need for a Disciplinary Code and different categories of misconduct.

4. Be equipped to deal with common forms of misconduct including insubordination, negligence, absenteeism, dishonest conduct, etc.

5. Understand when it is appropriate to suspend an employee and when not.

Some of the frequently asked questions that will be answered in this workshop:

1. Am I required to follow the progression of verbal, written, and final written warnings for all types of misconduct?

2. Can an employee refer a matter to the CCMA when issued with a warning?

3. What procedure should I follow to issue a warning?

4. When am I allowed to suspend an employee?

5. What steps should I take before convening a disciplinary hearing?

The workshop will be useful to:

HR professionals