Managing Probationers Workshop (virtual)

Tue May 7, 10:00 - Tue May 7, 13:00

Online (Teams)


An employer may place a newly hired employee on probation when the business needs to evaluate the suitability of the employee or their level of performance for continued employment in the position. This workshop will equip delegates with the knowledge, skills and procedures to enable them to successfully manage probationers and to follow the correct legal procedures to terminate their employment should it be necessary.

On completion of this workshop, delegates will:

1. Understand the advantages and merits of having a probation period.

2. Understand the Labour Legislation regarding probation periods and managing probationers.

3. Know how and when it is permissible to extend a probation period.

4. Be able to proactively manage a probationer’s performance and provide feedback.

5. Know the procedure and legal requirements to dismiss probationers, should it be necessary.

Some of the frequently asked questions that will be answered in this workshop:

1. Am I allowed to simply terminate the services of an employee after completion of their probation period, or is there a procedure that I am required to follow?

2. Is an employee deemed permanent during their probation period?

3. Under what circumstances may I extend an employee’s probation period?

4. Can I apply a probation period to an existing employee who has been promoted? What happens if this employee underperforms in their new role?

5. Can I terminate an underperforming probationer before the end of their probation period?

The workshop will be useful to:

HR professionals