Dealing with Incapacity workshop (virtual)

Wed May 15, 10:00 - Thu May 16, 14:00

Event is online


Employees are often deemed a Company’s most valuable asset, and when employees are underperforming, it has a significant negative impact on a Company’s profitability, employee productivity, and on managers, as they need to expend time and energy on managing these employees. It is thus critical that HR professionals and managers are skilled at identifying and managing employees who are underperforming, and/or those whose ill health affects their performance or employees who are incompatible with the Company or its employees. This workshop will equip HR professionals and managers with an understanding of SA's legislated labour requirements, best practices and practical approaches to effectively manage the incapacity of employees in the workplace.

On completion of this workshop, delegates will:

1. Understand the difference between poor work performance and misconduct.

2. Be equipped with practical procedures to follow when an employee performs poorly or in the case of incapacity due to deemed ill-health reasons.

3. Understand the requirements for a fair dismissal for incapacity: poor work performance and incapacity: medical reasons (ill-health) and what to consider before dismissal.

4. Be equipped with practical procedures to follow for incapacity due to incompatibility.

Some of the frequently asked questions that will be answered in this workshop:

1. What do I do if an employee does not necessarily break the rules, but simply seems unable to perform their duties at the expected standard?

2. How to ascertain the difference between poor work performance and misconduct i.e. dereliction of duties.

3. How many counselling sessions should I conduct before terminating the services of a poor-performing employee?

4. When should I initiate the medical incapacity process?

5. How do I approach/manage employees who have suspected alcohol and/or substance abuse addictions?

The workshop will be useful to:

HR professionals