The House of Suntory Masterclasses & Tastings

Sat Mar 16, 11:00 - Sat Apr 27, 13:00

The House of Suntory Installation, Hyde Park Corner Center Court


This cherry blossom season, The House of Suntory warmly extends an invitation to immerse yourself in a delightful sensory journey, capturing the essence of Japanese culture. Embrace the beauty of the season as we offer South Africans a unique opportunity to revel in the splendour of cherry blossoms right here in our own locale. Join us in celebrating this cultural phenomenon through our exclusive pop-up tasting installation. 

Craftsmanship takes centre stage with lifestyle masterclasses, aligning meaningfully with the Japanese concept of MONOZUKURI. Elevate your understanding of Japanese craftsmanship and culture through exclusive weekend lifestyle masterclasses starting at 11:00. Each masterclass, spanning 120 minutes, includes a tantalising tasting pairing experience.

In addition to the Masterclass, the ticket includes a tasting experience of Roku, Toki and Hibiki, paired with a selection of canapés by KoL. Each participant will also receive a complimentary bottle of Roku Gin to take home.


Week 1: Saturday, 16 March — Furoshiki

The masterclass provides an overview of Japanese gift-wrapping techniques using square cloth – furoshiki. The demonstration will focus specifically on how to gift wrap bottles, or how to wrap bottles for easy carrying. Participants will each receive an empty House of Suntory test bottle and furoshiki cloth to practice wrapping.

Week 2: Saturday, 23 March — Bonsai

The masterclass provides insight into the ancient Japanese art of bonsai - cultivating miniature trees in containers. Participants will be given a brief introduction to some of the concepts behind the practice. Thereafter they will create their very own bonsai using the tools and materials provided.

Week 4: Saturday, 6 April — Ikebana

The masterclass introduces the origins of Japanese flower arrangement – ikebana – as practised by the Sogetsu School. Key principles around layout and creating balance are demonstrated, with examples showing how different plant materials can be arranged. Masterclass participants can try their hand at making a small arrangement, applying the principles as demonstrated. Basic plant materials and a container for each are included.

Week 5: Saturday, 13 April — Tsukuriwake (The Art of Blending)

The masterclass focuses on the intricate art of cask and liquid selection, highlighting how the Japanese have distinguished themselves in the whisky world through their blending techniques. We will delve into the history of Japanese Whisky and explore Shinjiro Torii’s journey through the spirits industry, showcasing the innovative techniques he employed. We will uncover the sacred blending methods used across Roku, Toki, and Hibiki, emphasising the unique characteristics of each liquid and their intended consumption styles. The session will conclude with a traditional Japanese cocktail masterclass featuring each blend.

Week 6: Saturday, 20 April — Woodblock Printing

In this masterclass, participants are introduced the process of Japanese woodblock printing (Mokuhanga) - from when the design is carved in wood, to when it is transferred in multiple colours onto paper. Some of Japan's most famous and enduring artworks were produced by woodblock print artists, such as The Great Wave by Hokusai. Each participant will be guided through the colour printing process, choosing from a pre-carved selection of woodblocks to make their own print to take home.