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Transform Your Digital Parenting Journey - From Overwhelmed to Confident in 4 Weeks

Tue May 7, 19:30 - Tue May 7, 20:30

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Transform Your Digital Parenting Journey - From Overwhelmed to Confident in 4 Weeks

Here’s what you get when you join our 4 week Parenting Bootcamp for both ONline and OFFline parenting.

Knowledge: Access to essential resources and tools for keeping your children and teens safer and saner online..

Confidence: Learn how to be a guiding parent rather than just a friend to your child, including how and why both offline and online boundaries are essential for your child's success and well-being.

Support: Engage in weekly online group sessions to share and resolve your challenges and frustrations.

Peace of Mind: Reduce anxiety surrounding technology use (or misuse).

Joy: Reclaim precious family time.

Lifetime access for future bootcamps to refresh, upskill and keep up with how tech is changing 

Modern parenting can be overwhelming as we strive to provide the best for our children every day.

Navigating the complexities of modern parenting, especially in the digital realm, can be challenging even for the most awesome and invested parents.

Which is why we're excited to invite you to our 4-week Modern Parenting (Re)Boot Camp.

This program is designed to equip you with practical tools and solutions while creating a supportive space for you to address your unique parenting concerns and challenges in both the offline and online worlds.

Because we know that it takes a village, your ticket includes access for your child's co-parents, guardians, and even au pairs to participate in the sessions alongside you.

If you're ready for a transformative experience, join us for this 4-week journey. Here's a breakdown of what each week will entail:

Week 1: In the first week, Kate and Mandy will guide parents in understanding the crucial significance of boundaries and consequences for our tweens and teens, illuminating the pivotal role we hold in establishing these boundaries within today's modern context. Simply put, they'll delve into the essential reasons behind the necessity of boundaries and consequences for both parents and children, whether in the offline or online realms. Additionally, the session will provide insight into tween and teen development, aiding parents in comprehending the evolving nature of the adolescent brain, along with exploring how technology influences the prefrontal cortex, underlining the paramount importance of establishing boundaries in this regard.

Week 2 will be a more practical session where Kate and Mandy will show us how to set those boundaries - both online and offline. We'll be looking at HOW we set tech boundaries, find that 'screen time balance' as a family, and develop family habits that are true to our family values. 

Week 3 arrives at just the right time, as the team equip us with the skills and resources to actually maintain the boundaries that we've started to put in place since the beginning of the bootcamp. We'll be chatting about checking in and checking up, looking at parental controls as well as advice on how to manage playdates and sleepovers for our digital natives.

In our 4th and final week we'll be addressing how to actually implement the consequences that make up a key part of this framework.. A true life skill that our kids need to learn and understand, sooner rather than later. Other life skills that will be covered in this session are help with advice on how and when to unplug your kids, device detoxes, managing addictions and when (and where), if ever necessary, to seek help.

Each session offers ample opportunities for questions and interaction with our hosts, as well as a Whatsapp group where you can engage with others on the bootcamp to share experiences. You'll also receive homework assignments to implement between sessions, ensuring progress, and accountability, throughout the program.

Join us for a series of 4 engaging discussions every Tuesday evening in May, supported by resources to help you work through what you need to do to filter and protect the tech used by your family. 

Dates: Tuesday, 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th May 2024 *

Time: 7:30pm - 8:30pm SAST

Venue: Zoom

Investment: Early Bird Price of just R1,450 for the first 10 tickets sold, and then R1,650.

  • Live calls are recording for when you can't make the live calls.

Limited spots are available to ensure a supportive group dynamic. 

What past delegates said: 

"It was fascinating, terrifying and a much needed wake-up call with an action plan for me, or anyone parenting in the tech era. I am also feeling motivated to get my act into gear before our kids are of age. So all in all, feeling more empowered.

- Jonno

"The Bootcamp was really helpful for gaining an understanding of how dangerous social media and tech can be, but then also accessing the long list of tools available to deal with it - including the ability to go "old school" and to tell kids it is OK not to be plugged in all the time."

- Carmen

"The links to videos and articles helped as it makes it real and it’s a feeling that the world is on it!. Knowing we’re not alone. You’re out there and you’re explaining it for us to understand and helping us move forward."

- Kirsten

"The talks were obviously useful and engaging but I found the follow-up emails to be really valuable. I liked the clickable links and the downloads. I know that I can save them in a folder and access them whenever I need a refresher. "

- Anon

Meet our experienced hosts:

Kate Farina: Online Safety Expert and committed parent, passionate about simplifying online parenting challenges for families.

Mandy Herold: International Conscious Discipline® Certified Instructor and Connection Coach, dedicated to fostering safe and nurturing environments for children.

Jude Foulston: Future Smart Parent founder, offering insights on parenting intentionally to prepare children for the evolving future.

Mandy, Kate and Jude bring a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm to support you on your parenting journey. We look forward to seeing you there!