Fragrance and Fynbos Perfume Workshop with Justin Williams & Veld and Sea - 24 April

Wed Apr 24, 10:00 - Wed Apr 24, 13:00

Veld and Sea HQ, Plateau Rd, Cape Point



Wed 24 April

10am - 1pm

Justin Williams is a self-taught perfumer, foodie and South African mushroom expert with a background grounded in nature. He has been collaborating with Veld and Sea since 2016 and specialises in mushroom foraging. In 2019, he began to explore the vast field of olfaction and perfumery, initially curious about bottling the scent of night-scented fynbos flowers. As the owner of Follow Your Nose he hosts guided scent tours around Cape Town offering sensory experiences throughout the seasons. Justin consults as a bespoke fragrance developer in his personal capacity.

We’re excited to announce our first perfume workshop where chemistry, botany and alchemy meet!

You will get to create and take home your own signature eau de toilette fragrance, made using a mix of sustainable natural and eco-friendly synthetic materials derived from nature and biochemistry. The journey to creating a bottle of perfume begins by learning the profiles and performance of materials which fragrance you will use such as the essential oils, extracts and absolutes of fynbos plants, resins, woods, flowers, fruits and spices. They can all be interpreted as being either top, middle or base notes. You will gain insight into how accords are made, solvents and alcoholic bases, as well as understand how the performance of a fragrance is graded on drydown, sillage and tenacity. 


After a walk in the garden to learn about different fragrances and plants, you will head back to the Glasshouse for a presentation and demo on perfume making. Once you've learnt and understand the basics, you will be guided through the process of making your own fragrance and uncovering your own favourite scent combinations.


Guided walk and lesson on fragrance

Live demonstration on perfume making

30ml perfume to make and take home

All equipment and materials needed

A3 fragrance worksheet

Fynbos chai tea, a sweet treat and herbed water


You are welcome to bring any other snacks or refreshments you'd like to enjoy for the morning.

DURATION: 3 hours

VENUE: Veld and Sea HQ in Cape Point

COST: R1100 per person

2x WOC scholarship tickets are available for this event, please email [email protected] for details.


50% cancellation fee. Non-refundable within 72 hours of the event. Tickets are non-transferable to other event dates.


Fragrance and Fynbos Perfume Workshop with Justin Williams & Veld and Sea - 24 April
Veld and Sea HQ, Plateau Rd, Cape Point
7976 Plateau Rd, Cape Peninsula, Cape Town, 7976
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