No under 18s

Grey's Anatomy themed Quiz Night

Wed Mar 6, 18:30 - Wed Mar 6, 22:00

Karaoke Kong


Calling all Grey's Anatomy fans and aspiring surgeons!

Gear up for an unforgettable quiz night on Wednesday, March 6th, as we dive into the heart-wrenching drama and gripping medical cases of Grey's Anatomy! Join us as we dissect the iconic moments, unforgettable characters, and emotional rollercoasters of Seattle Grace Hospital!

Whether you're a Meredith Grey in the making or you've got the McDreamy hair to match, this is your chance to shine. From "seriously?" to "you're my person," our questions will put your Grey's Anatomy knowledge to the test and take you on a journey through the highs and lows of the iconic series!

Tickets are available now for R50 on Quicket! Don't miss your chance to win fantastic prizes and showcase your Grey's Anatomy expertise. Will you be the ultimate Grey's trivia champion?

Gather your fellow interns or attend solo, just like a true Seattle Grace surgeon. Connect with fellow fans, share your favorite moments, and brace yourself for the emotional twists and turns that await in the world of Grey's Anatomy!

Don't miss this chance to scrub in and relive the magic of Grey's Anatomy. See you on Wednesday, March 6th, at our venue! "It's a beautiful day to save lives!"


Grey's Anatomy themed Quiz Night
Karaoke Kong
1 7th St, Melville, Johannesburg, 2092
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