Studio H Pop-up Dinner

Thu Apr 18, 18:00 - Thu Apr 18, 21:00

Cape Town (location will be revealed on the day of the dinner)


Twelfth year, dozen friends,

Time's feast: swift, slow, aged, infinite.

Join us for dinner. 

Join us on a captivating journey through time as Studio H celebrates its 12th birthday with an immersive and exclusive pop-up dinner.


Crafted and curated by the team of culinary-minded designers, in collaboration with the epicurean expertise of Chef Jenny Ward and the artistic vision of stylist Nikki Symons (founder of Sweet LionHeart), the evening promises a harmonious blend of flavours and aesthetics, capturing the essence of time's delicate dance. From the swift freshness of the present to the aged perfection of the past, each dish and every detail of the evening will be an ode to the evolution of Studio H.


As time inches closer to the celebration, an evolving tea towel will be delivered to your doorstep that unlocks more details and reveals the secret venue. But don’t wait too long, because tomorrow it might say something completely different. Only time can tell…