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Hold The Reins on Your Children's Digital Lives

Tue Mar 5, 18:00 - Tue Mar 5, 20:00



Redhill School Proudly Presents Our Next #FirstTuesday Parent Education Evening:

Hold The Reins on Your Children's Digital Lives

Modern parents are struggling to parent offline, let alone online – even though every day brings more insight into the toll that social media and gaming is taking on our children’s mental and physical health. We see it on the news, in our schools, and yes – on our own social media feed! We talk about it in parent groups, on dinner dates, and at sports functions.

But somehow, we just don’t know where to start, or haven’t had the time, or have good intentions but don’t get around to putting boundaries and safeguards in place to stop the worst of this digital age from impacting the ones we love the most.

Mandy Herold (The Connection Coach) and Kate Farina (Be in Touch) team up in an interactive and thought-provoking conversation around what happens when parents get it wrong, and what is possible when they get it right. Parents leave knowing how to get it right by –

  • Getting on the same page as parents and as a family;
  • Reducing the anxiety around tech use and misuse;
  • Being clear on where and how tech boundaries need to be set and kept;
  • Understanding how to manage, filter and protect devices;
  • Getting some much-needed peace of mind; and
  • Keeping your kids safer and saner online!

Tickets are subject to availability, and are also open to families outside the Redhill Community.


Hold The Reins on Your Children's Digital Lives
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