Big Event Preparation - Online

Thu Mar 7, 18:30 - Thu Mar 7, 20:00

Event is online


Mental Prep for your "BIG Event" - Online

Let's talk about what you can do before those big events to get you in the best possible state.

So many events are coming up on the sporting calendar, ranging from local to International events. The question I often get asked is how you prepare yourself or your athlete or child in the best possible way to compete when it counts. No matter what level you perform at and what part you play in sports those weeks, days, and hours before any event can play on your mind, and just as the physical part is important the mental aspect becomes increasingly more important closer to the event.

The event is not only about sharing tools and techniques, but also sharing some experiences from coaches, parents, and athletes. You may already be on the right track, which may confirm that, or you may be wondering how you can improve how you prepare. You can learn and share techniques, that can help prepare yourself, or others mentally for better performance and greater success.

The event will be facilitated by Bennie Louw the Sport Mind Coach

 If you ever wondered what to do before those important events you will be sure to find loads of advice and tips by joining this event.

Who should attend: Athletes, coaches, parents, managers, and anybody who wants to learn techniques to improve their mental approach to Sport.

This is an ONLINE Event 

The Sports Mind Workshops and Talks have been specifically adapted to provide practical training to improve the mental approach to sport.

No matter what level you compete your mind plays a role. Would you not want to learn how you can use your mind more effectively and enhance your performance? You can learn essential mental and emotional skills that will enhance your sports performance. Creating a stronger mental attitude will benefit more than just your sports performance, but will impact many other areas of your life.