No under 18s

The Art of the Self-Tie

Fri Mar 22, 18:00 - Wed Mar 27, 20:00

6 Spin Street Gallery


Explore the subtle language of tension and tactile feedback in this workshop focusing on rope as a form of healing and self-care.

Self-ties can be helpful as a meditative practice in offering relief from tension and anxiety.

In this gentle beginner-friendly workshop for individuals, you will learn essential knots and concepts to safely start out your journey of self-tying.

A self-tie can feel like a long, tight hug.

A hug that is exactly as tight as you want it to be.

Join me for an introduction into this beautiful tool for creative expression and connection with yourself.

What to Expect:

- A gentle 2-hour workshop exploring rope as a creative outlet and a tool for self-discovery

- Learn basic knots and ties to get you started in self-tying

- Class rope will be provided if you do not have your own.

- No prior knowledge is necessary.

What to Wear:

- Stretchy or comfortable clothing will make your experience more pleasant

What to Bring:

- A yoga mat or cushion to sit on

- Water to stay hydrated

- A blanket if you’re prone to getting cold

- Rope (if you have any)

Bound to Boundless

The ‘Bound to Boundless’ exhibition will be taking place at the 6 Spin Street Gallery from the 20th-28th March 2024.

Showcasing some exciting new works from sculptor and visual artist Carmen Clews, the collection includes sculptures, paintings, poetry and works of collaborative art.

About Your Practitioner:


Bryony Leach (@bryony.leach.arts) is a multidisciplinary artist from Cape Town, and the creative mind behind the rope aspects of this striking exhibition.

Her meticulous rope placement and dramatic knots perfectly complement the mirror-finish of Carmen's expressive sculptures.

As an artist, Bryony explores a diverse array of mediums, including oils, inks, watercolours, photography, fire dancing, poi, rope, and video kaleidoscopes constructed from natural textures.

Influenced by her flyfishing father and seamstress mother, Bryony inherited a profound appreciation for the line and a quiet patience for untangling knots.

As an adult, she has dedicated time to teaching rope as a tool for communication, bonding and self-expression. Her nurturing teaching style has a strong emphasis on healing and empowerment.

As an experienced rope workshop facilitator, Bryony is an ideal guide to introduce you to this unorthodox art form.

Her workshops focus on rope as a therapeutic tool for self-connection, highlighting its value in calming the human psyche in a world of constant overstimulation.