No under 18s

Double Sun, Mantra & Tavern Priest LIVE @ Aandklas Lynnwood

Fri Feb 23, 19:00 - Fri Feb 23, 23:00

Aandklas Lynnwood


?? Immerse yourself in a sonic fusion like never before, as Aandklas Lynnwood in Pretoria transforms into a psychedelic rock haven! ??

Experience the interstellar vibes of Double Sun, as they unveil tracks from their new ethereal album "Springloader". Let your senses soar as Mantra and Tavern Priest blend mind-bending psychedelia with the raw energy of rock and roll, taking you on a transcendent musical odyssey!

?? Save the date: February 23rd

??? Tickets:

  • Seekers of the groove: R50
  • Students (with a penchant for sonic exploration): R40

Prepare to be transported to a realm where music and magic collide! Gather your tribe and join us for an evening of sonic alchemy that will ignite your soul and expand your consciousness. Don't miss out on this cosmic convergence of sound! ??



Double Sun, Mantra & Tavern Priest LIVE @ Aandklas Lynnwood
Aandklas Lynnwood
297 Lynnwood Rd, Menlo Park, Pretoria, 0081
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