Meal Tickets for Animal Ambulance 2024

Mon Dec 9, 12:00 - Mon Dec 9, 12:30

Event is online


As every person knows December & January are the most challenging months of the year, even more so for a charity... this is why we plan ahead and want to get a head start on stocking up on our food supplies so that the furries' tummies can stay full every day.

Won't you be so kind as to buy us meal tickets, please?

Sponsor a Pooch, a Kitty, or even a Donkey with a full bowl of food for only R350 for 1 of these months!! We would truly appreciate it if you can double up on the tickets, as we know that our volunteers won't visit us in December either, so there will be much fewer funds coming in for our food. 

It's as easy as purchasing 1 or more meal tickets!

Auntie Katia said, if you buy meal tickets, she will send you a very special limited edition set of mugs for every ticket you buy. 

Have a great holiday and make this Christmas and New Year count by making a difference... and filling their tummies!

Thank you in abundance for everything you do for us, you really make a difference in the furbabies' lives.