Shifting Atmospheres Conference with Dawna De Silva

Fri May 31, 18:30 - Sat Jun 1, 18:30

God Adventure


Dawna De Silva is the founder and co-leader of the International Bethel Sozo Ministry. She and her husband, Stephen De Silva, have ministered from Bethel for the past thirty years. Dawna’s books on spiritual warfare have become bestselling tools. Whether training in Sozo, Shifting Atmospheres, or ministering prophetically, Dawna releases people, churches, and cities into new vision and freedom. 

What does shifting atmospheres mean? In the spiritual realm, boundaries are often blurred. We may not always discern what belongs to us and what doesn’t. Or, we may recognize what’s not ours, yet struggle to cancel its influence. It's like tuning into a radio station, there are broadcasts everywhere. God speaks consistently, affirming His goodness and our capability. On the opposite end, you have the enemy–whispering doubt and discouragement.


Understanding the enemy’s broadcasts isn’t about tuning into its frequency and agreeing with it. Our strategy is about recognizing Satan’s tactics, so we can counteract them by releasing God’s truth into every situation. When God’s Kingdom advances in South Africa, darkness must flee! We are at a pivotal moment in history and it’s time for every believer to operate in their God-given authority to take dominion in their environment. 

Dawna is coming with revelatory teaching and tools to enable us to do just that. Whatever your sphere of influence, the atmosphere around you is alive with unseen spiritual activity – a battle between forces of darkness and light. We need to be equipped to discern the enemy’s tactics, and to learn how to use our weapons of warfare to enforce Jesus’s victory over forces that war against our minds, families and region. 

East London is the only city in South Africa to host this conference. We believe God has a strategic plan for our city and our region. Let’s learn to war with wisdom!

Session Times (doors open 30 minutes prior):


Friday 31st May



Saturday 1st June





Please Note:

  • Tea and instant coffee will be provided for free. There will be snacks and hot and cold drinks on sale.
  • For your convenience there will be a selection of meals you can pre-order for lunch from Nina's Real Food . The list of options will be available at the beginning of the morning session. Payment will be due with your order. Delivery will be 12pm.


Shifting Atmospheres Conference with Dawna De Silva
God Adventure
45 Inverleith Terrace, Quigney, East London, 5201
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