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Let go & Let be Yoga Coaching Event with The SweetSpot with Khani

Sat Mar 9, 08:00 - Sat Mar 9, 11:00

2 Garrett Street, Farramere, Benoni, Gauteng Province


Do you have a persistent situation, emotion, feeling or thought that’s heavy on you, that hinders you to enjoy your life and experience joy and serenity? The SweetSpot with Khani invites you to a transformative yoga coaching experience to let go and release things that no longer serve you, to create space for bliss, serenity and growth in your life.

To allow you to let go and experience release, the event will host the following sessions:

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga asanas are the keys to build strength, flexibility and release negative energy trapped in your body. Through intentional poses we will work with the Heart Chakra to release blockages and tension, allowing good energy to flow freely, enabling you to feel free and blissful.

Breathwork & Meditation

Through this breathwork practice, you will harness the power of conscious breathing, to cleanse and revitalize your inner-self; inhaling the new and exhaling the old.

This meditation practice will allow you to find stillness and experience the magic of effortlessly letting go of unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Personalised coaching experience

Together we will navigate the path of letting go, impermanence and acceptance through self-enquiry and self-discovery. The group coaching session will provide you with the ability to easily navigate through what you are aspiring to let go of, to evolve and grow from that experience.

Brunch to feed your body & soul

Indulge in a delicious, wholesome autumn brunch spread, to nourish both your body and soul, whilst connecting with fellow empowered women over enlightening conversations.

Spot prize at the event!! 2 women to win a 3 months one-on-one yoga coaching experience!


Let go & Let be Yoga Coaching Event with The SweetSpot with Khani
2 Garrett Street, Farramere, Benoni, Gauteng Province
2 Garrett St, Farrarmere, Benoni, 1501
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