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San Pedro retreat: Quantum shift into a life that you love

Fri May 24, 12:00 - Sun May 26, 12:00

Klipinnibos Nature Farm


Join us for a transformative three-day San Pedro retreat at the picturesque Schoemanskloof valley!

Experience the healing powers of San Pedro in the heart of nature, surrounded by breath-taking landscapes. Our dedicated team, deeply connected to the medicine, brings a blend of tradition and innovation to guide you through this spiritual journey.


  • Professionally hosted retreat
  • Experienced and skilled facilitators
  • New techniques for a holistic experience
  • Qualified sound therapist with flutes, singing bowls, djembes, and a gong.
  • Quantum shift into a life that you love
  • Inner healing, releasing of old patterns, and rewriting neurological pathways

Accommodation & meals:

Included in the price per person, participants will enjoy comfortable accommodation and nourishing plant based meals throughout the retreat.

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a profound and professional San Pedro retreat. Limited spots available!

Reserve your place for a journey within and a quantum shift towards a life that you love.


Due to the nature of this retreat, please note that certain medications will clash with our medicine and it is advised to consult your doctor / health practitioner to ensure you are viable to use our medicine or feel free to contact me @ 076 483 0106


San Pedro retreat: Quantum shift into a life that you love
Klipinnibos Nature Farm
Off Weltevreden Road, Schoemanskloof, 1200
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