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Field Of Friendship 2024

Sat Apr 27, 08:30 - Sun Apr 28, 12:00

The German Club


Oyez, Oyez!

To all members of every HEMA, HMBIA, IMCF, Battle Heritage, SCA and other medieval combat association!

Be it hereby advised that the Field Of Friendship will be held in Durban on the 27th and 28th of April in the year of Our Lord 2024!

ALL ARE WELCOME, whether armoured or unarmoured, sport or social, experienced or inexperienced.

There are 4 disciplines:

  • Rapier, including weapons for the off-hand such as cloak, dagger, lantern, buckler (no projectile weapons!)
  • Soft Sword Boffer - the format will be single arming sword length with no shields
  • Full Contact Armoured Combat - each fighter's choice of weapons or combinations
  • Polish 2v2 Team Combat - each fighter's choice of weapons or combinations

Please note this is a social event, not a sporting tournament.

As such there will be no prizes except boasting rights


Field Of Friendship 2024
The German Club
8 Barham Rd, Berea West, Westville, 3629
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