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Ecofluency x LoveKosMos: Biohacking with gut microbiome communication

Wed Apr 3, 18:00 - Wed Apr 3, 21:00

Teddy's Room



This autumn, Ecofluency and LoveKosMos bring you a deep dive into a new bio-hacking approach: communicating with your gut microbiome!

There is great potential for healing and spiritual co-evolution when we not only acknowledge the consciousness of the microbial beings who live in and on our bodies, but also choose to co-create with them through dialogue. We live with 10x the number of bacterial cells to human cells in our bodies. Most of whom keep us alive on a daily basis, and many of them are responsible for our moods and state of mind. So meeting these microbes is like getting to know parts of yourself you didn't know you had!

In this first-time collaborative pop-up between Ecofluency and LoveKosMos, we will explore the delicious relationship that we have with our inner landscape, focusing on communication with our gut microbiome.

The evening will start with a sumptuous meal served by Mishkah Gool, founder of LoveKosMos, and her team, blending simple, seasonal, local, vegan, waste-free and microbiome-friendly principles and ingredients.

Next, Dr Saskia von Diest, founder of Ecofluency, will share an interactive talk about her work in communication with Nature over the past 11 years, including with microbes, and guide participants through a journey to meet them.

There's a whole other world inside of you! Are you ready to join that conversation?


Ecofluency is the ability that all humans have to listen to and dialogue with all of Nature using an expanded spectrum of sensory awareness. This includes communication with animals, plants, insects, microbes, water, rocks, stars and any other non-human Nature - the principles are the same.

Nature communication can dramatically change your life, like it has done for Saskia and so many others.

Why? Because we are all born with the ability to deeply communicate with Nature - we are Nature - many of us have just forgotten how to use it. Reclaiming the power of this ancient birth right allows access to the deeper knowledge and wisdom of Nature that is not often available to our logical human minds.

As you cultivate your intuitive connection and conversation with Nature, this lets us make more holistic and efficient practical decisions in all aspects of our lives: growing food, choosing a place to live, understanding the behaviour of wild or domestic animals, creating rituals and ceremonies for inspiration and abundance, expanding your professional work in ecological alignment, or healing traumas to grow spiritually and become whole.

It is a critical skill for empowering physical, mental and emotional vitality, to grow beyond resilience into a dynamic state of thriving. It offers a key to unlock greater joy and harmony in our relationships with ourselves, other humans, and the rest of Nature.

It's easier than you'd expect, because this way of communicating exists beyond all languages. This is just a beginner workshop, but by expanding our range of our sensory awareness, we can remember how to dialogue with any aspect of the more-than-humans world in an everyday state of consciousness. And the principles are the same, whether you choose to converse with small plants or towering trees, tiny insects or large mammals, clods of compost or constellations of stars.

Most importantly, human existence with other species depends on dialogue with them, as they call on us to co-evolve and create our future in alignment with Nature.

The world is waiting - join the conversation!

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Dr Saskia von Diest is the founder of Ecofluency, as well as consultant, educator, activist, and occasional researcher in the field of Nature communication.

Attending an animal communication workshop during her PhD (Plant Pathology) in 2012 sparked her interest in how farmers use intuitive communication with nature to inform practical management decisions. From 2014-2020, she held two postdoctoral fellowships, at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, and at Coventry University, UK, to investigate intuitive farming as part of a wider new field of subtle agroecology.

Throughout her postdoctoral years, she further developed her own understanding and practice in communicating with trees, animals, land, nature spirits and ancestors. She’s also trained as a Family Constellations facilitator, and in the Way of the Warrior Healer.

In 2021, she founded Ecofluency, to offer consulting, facilitation, teaching and coaching in Nature communication, and promote other human voices in this field. With 15 years of experience in teaching and facilitating through various forms and in many countries, her passion is creating opportunities for others to have their own experience of communicating with non-human Nature, and develop that for their own and the collective benefit. Read more at

Mishkah Gool is well-known as the fun-loving and bubbly personality, cooking on-screen or found creating and collaborating through her catering company in Cape Town. She is a vibrant, knowledgeable, dynamic Life Skills and cognitive behavioural coach, accredited Yoga instructor, NLP practitioner, project manager and creative entrepreneur. She is passionate about working with and uplifting others, whether it is in healthcare, sustainable living, healthy mindfulness, and overall wellbeing. With a background in Pharmacy, she has adopted her knowledge of the human body and psyche to channel a more holistic-centred, client-centric approach to the facilitating and healing techniques within her coaching, leadership and in food preparation.

Through her own personal life journey and spiritual practices, Mishkah has gathered experience, techniques and insight in self-awareness, meditation/introspection and ultimately with finding one’s true alignment and inner power to reach one’s true full potential and live a happy, fulfilled life -regardless of one’s background and circumstances. Mishkah’s bright personality has served in holding a comfortable, light energy between her clients and respective customers; allowing her to handle trauma and distress situations- with action-based, results-driven approaches that incorporate compassion and creativity. Her passion is to create spaces for members of the community to gain from the power inherent within them and to gain from the power of the collective- sharing skills, resources and knowledge. Thus, leading the transition into a modern society that is self-aware, sustainable, and spiritually grounded.

LoveKosMos is her lovechild, incorporating all the modalities into understanding the alchemy of food and space holding, using it as a tool for healing, energizing and replenishing the body, mind and spirit. From soil, to soul, the intention is aimed to create food that is healthy, healing and super flavourful.


This delicious evening will start at 18:00 for 18:30, and will finish at 21:00. It will be hosted at Teddy's Room, 7 Milner Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7951. Street parking available but very limited, so please carpool!

What to bring: an empty stomach, warm clothing, and a curious mind & open heart!


Tickets are limited because of event size:

Early Bird tickets: R680 (until Sun 31 March)

Normal tickets: R750


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Ecofluency x LoveKosMos: Biohacking with gut microbiome communication
Teddy's Room
7 Milner Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7915
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