Family friendly

Rainbow Rhythms

Sat Jun 22, 16:00 - Sat Jun 22, 20:00

The Playhouse - Fishoek


Embark on a spiritual quest through the vibrant hues of the Rainbow. Begin with introspective exploration, delve into interactive experiences, and culminate in a joyous celebration of self-discovery.

Each participant will receive a bag to collect their creations from various color stations along the way. Its a family friendly event where everyone is invited to work on themselves and unleash their inner child.

Don't miss this opportunity to embrace the colors of your soul and dance to the rhythm of your being.

To cap off the journey , we'll gather for a soulful journey , celebrating the harmony within and without.

Its also the Winter Solstice -

May you find peace in the promise of the solstice night. That each day forward is blessed with more light. That the cycle of nature, unbroken and true, brings faith to your soul and well being to you.

Please Bring fruit/vegetables/clothing/blankets or anything for the Winter Solstice table that will be donated to Mutheera's Projects in Oceanview and also Groundbreakers 101 also in Oceanview.

Full moon:

We will do Full moon bathing, gathering and filling us up with the moonlight and send the light as healing into the world where ever there is pain and suffering and where healing is needed.

Important info:

*Dress up in your favorite color of the Rainbow.

*It's a day spend with family, friends or even alone.

*Venue has a coffee shop and food deli

*Day of fun, growth and celebration.

*Receive armband at each color station as you complete the quest.

*3 Hours to do 6 quests

*1 hour for sound healing and dancing

Join us for Rainbow Rhythms,a colorful quest of creativity and connection!

Activities by color:

Red: Love - Write a heartfelt love letter and put into your venture bag. 

Orange: Creativity - Create something fabulous and pop into your bag. 

Yellow: Happiness - Choose 3 out of 6 super fun activities designed to let your inner child run wild, laughter gaurenteed. 

Green: Nature and healing - Embrace nature with gratitude. Hug a tree, feel the grass and soak in the good vibes. 

Blue: Self Expression - Select 3 out of 6 activities to express yourself. 

Purple: Wisdom - Engage in experiences that deepen your understanding and insight. 

Collect a colored armband at each station

Violet space: As the sun sets, join us for a soothing sound journey, guiding us from sunset into full moon healing. 

Don't miss this unique opportunity to explore, create and connect. Bring your friends, family and an open heart.


Rainbow Rhythms
The Playhouse - Fishoek
81 Kommetjie Rd, Fish Hoek, Cape Town, 7974
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