Mother City Sirens

Sat Feb 17, 18:00 - Sun Feb 18, 02:00



Dear Mother City,

We are sounding the Sirens! Humanity needs us to stand up. To claim our power and our sovereignty in our efforts to resist oppression. Embodying the change we want to see in the world. This is not a time for silence and idleness. Allow the tides of our souls to rise and rage.

Those who feel called, and have the capacity are invited to the upcoming gathering of the Mother City Sirens.

Our Sacred Sex Siren Sanctuary, is a safe space to commune deeply with yourself and those around you. Exploring expansive and sustainable ways to resource, recover and replenish capacity. Allowing for the full bodied experience of ones highly charged vital lifeforce, emotions and sensations as they recharge your nervous system. Within this temple space, we reconnect with and center the body's deep language, bringing online our erotic intelligence and somatic wisdom. A vital practice. When the state of the world drags us into living beyond our capacity for so much of our lived experience.

At this sacred gathering, within our co created Sanctuary, we'll be rediscivering The Way of The Rose. An invitation and initiation into the ancient practice and art of subversion.

Cape Town Pride supported event


Virgin Sex Siren (OTA)

Calling all virgins! Even if you still need a floatation device, we encourage all aspiring and/or first time Sex Siren's to wander into our Rose Garden of divine delight and desire. All the most glorious blooms started as a little seed yearning to be all that it dreamed and desired. Break out of your shell beloved, we all want to see you bloom.

Male Figure Sex Siren

Calling all MF Sirens! We want to see all you daddies, cubs, bears, wolfs, otters, thicc bois, twinks and all kinks. Trans-men, cis-men, drag kings, ALL my masc presenting folx, this is your opportunity to serenade the lovers with your flowering wand. Become a walking aphrodisiac, by unleashing you inner Dionysiac!

Female Figure Sex Siren

Calling all FF Sex Sirens! We wanna see all the dames, dolls, queens and goddesses! Trans-women, cis-women, drag queens, all my FEMME presenting folx, tonight you are the Mistress of the Alabaster Jar. She the anointed and the anointer.

Chaos Kitten Sex Siren

This category is for my disruptors. My gender fuckers. Those who play beyond and all around the binary. Calling ALL my enby, a-gender and my gender-abundant kitties. Let us wash in your fluidity that serves cunt, masc, butch, androgyny and rebels against any conformity. The children of chaos and complexity. One can't appreciate the Rose, without respecting its thorns. All true beauty holds such divine dichotomy in glorious harmony, some would even say union. Show us how this manifests in you, taking us into a world beyond the binary.


Hearty Collective



18:00 - 02:00


Mother City Sirens
380 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7915
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