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Spring Fling Food Jam: A Celebration of Spring Social Cooking Class

Sat Sep 28, 18:00 - Sat Sep 28, 21:30

Soute Studio


Spring Fling Jam: A Celebration of Seasonal Delights and Fresh Flavors

Embrace the rejuvenating spirit of spring with our Spring Fling Jam! This cooking class is a tribute to the fresh and vibrant bounty of the season. As nature blooms around us, we'll be bringing its freshest flavours to our plates. Expect an array of light salads, zesty and refreshing flavours, and charming floral accents that capture the essence of spring. Whether you're a seasoned cook or just beginning your culinary journey, this class is perfect for anyone looking to infuse their cooking with the freshness and vitality of the season.

Menu Highlights:

  • Starter: Spring Pea and Mint Soup - A light and refreshing soup that sings with the bright flavours of fresh peas and mint, heralding the start of spring.
  • Salad: Strawberry Spinach Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing - A vibrant salad combining sweet strawberries, crisp spinach, and a tangy poppy seed dressing, topped with toasted almonds.
  • Main Course: Lemon-Herb Grilled Chicken or Tofu - Perfectly grilled with a zesty lemon-herb marinade, bringing a burst of flavour to your taste buds.
  • Side Dish: Asparagus and Radish Ribbon Salad - Tender asparagus and crisp radishes, shaved into ribbons and dressed with a light vinaigrette.
  • Dessert: Lavender Honey Panna Cotta - A delicate and creamy dessert infused with the subtle aroma of lavender and sweetened with natural honey.
  • Drink: Cucumber Basil Lemonade - A refreshing and rejuvenating drink, perfect for toasting to the beauty of spring.

What to expect:

The Food Jam includes snacks upon arrival, a harvest table menu menu, recipes, a welcome drink (with or without a kick) and 4 hours of festive fun. The Food Jam is open to all ages!

You are welcome to bring your own wine. We have a hydration station with delicious beverages and have a card facility on site. Our menu caters for gluten - & dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian & carnivorous guests equally - guests will be asked to share any dietary requirements they would like us to know 7 days prior to the event. Our kitchen is strictly halaal.

Guests are invited to book a solo ticket, as pairs or as a group. Social Food Jams are themed parties where cooking is only half the fun. It takes place four times per year. You can book a Private or Corporate Food Jam 7 days a week for lunch or dinner.

What Guests Say:

"FANTASTIC & UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE ! People, ingredients, ambience, food, music and the place... everything was magic for a magical evening. The staff is nothing else than terrific. Bravo Food Jams Team!" - Sophie

"WHAT A BLAST! If you and your friends haven't tried or considered this splendid, fun activity, you are missing out. It ranks amongst the best outings I've had with friends in my life. It is not a typical "masterchef" activity but rather a bonding and catch up session in the kitchen with a glass of wine in hand. LOVED IT!!" - Mamakhosana

"Excellent place for fun, entertainment and having a good time with friends, family or colleagues. The staff really add to the experience with their enthusiasm, energy, smiles and all round joy. Definitely recommend coming here if you're looking for a unique and fun experience." - Warren

In this class, not only will you learn how to prepare these delightful dishes, but you'll also get tips on how to source and utilize fresh, seasonal ingredients. Join us at the Spring Fling Jam for a culinary celebration that's as refreshing and invigorating as a spring breeze!


Spring Fling Food Jam: A Celebration of Spring Social Cooking Class
Soute Studio
45 Yew St, Salt River, Cape Town, 7925
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