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Rope Jam | Queer Jam - Beginner Friendly

Thu Mar 14, 19:00 - Thu Mar 14, 21:00

Embodiment Rope Space, Salt River


Queer Jam - Beginner Friendly

Embodiment at its core, and as part of our ethos, is a queer first space. Within the framework of our space's identity, we are committed to acknowledging our responsibility in South Africa by enhancing accessibility for individuals within and around our community. This commitment takes various forms, contingent upon the specific aspect of accessibility we are addressing. For instance, through the implementation of distinct ticketing tiers, we strive to eliminate financial barriers.

Regarding our Queer Jams, our primary objective is to remain faithful to our foundational principle of maintaining a space directed and managed by queer individuals, focused on the practice of rope-related activities. This environment allows people to confidently and freely engage in exploring this medium alongside their peers and community members. Thus, the Queer Jams exclusively welcome participation from members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Allies to sit this one out <3


Embodiment Rope Space is a welcoming and safe(r) space for members of the LGBTQIA+ community and allies. We practice rope communally and host occasional workshops for upskilling the community. Rope is never safe, there are only ways to do it more safely.

Absolute beginners and experienced rope practitioners are welcome. Rope Jams are spaces where you can come and practice rope tying in a peer-to-peer setting. Singles, couples, throuples, etc. are all welcome. Switching is allowed and encouraged. In this jam we will have some rope instruction in the first hour, thereafter the floor will be open for peer-to-peer learning and having fun together. Any and all skill levels are welcome. If you do not have a partner(s) to attend with, you may have to self-tie or enquire with other participants to pair up. Class rope will be available for use for free on the day if you do not have your own rope.

There will be beginner tuition for basic knots and space for experienced folks to tie if they do not want to participate in the tuition component. We encourage attendees to get input on their technique from more experienced riggers and bottoms. 

Events start promptly at 19:00. Please DM us via Instagram if you are running late. Doors open at 18:40 and are closed at 19:05. We will be strict about this because late-coming can be very disruptive to those in the space. Pre-booking is essential (cash on the night is available by arrangement via Instagram DM). Please have your tickets ready to be scanned on arrival. 

We have limited treated rope from Sudo Jute for sale and safety shears. Non-alcoholic drinks (Coke, water, tea, coffee) will also be for sale. 

Come dressed however you like - comfy, sexy, sporty, fetish. As long as your booty is covered, you are welcome here. 

About Us

Embodiment Rope Space is the love child of a group of volunteers from different walks of life coming together to actualize something we think the world needs: a queer safe(r) space for exploring kink as a healing, connective force. 

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@faeriebunnyrope (she/her)

@rope.fu (he/him)

@hotsqueak (they/them)

@wavybeanbaby (she/her)

@gr_en.trapta (they/them)

@creaturale (they/them)

@charliefrench_za (she/her)

@desirelinesbondage (she/they)

@vroeteldier.kinbaku (she/they)


  1. Don’t be late.
  2. Respect the space. Leave no trace - whatever you bring, take it back with you. 
  3. Ego has no place here. Learn and share with humility. 
  4. Ask for people’s pronouns and use the ones you are given. 
  5. No shoes. Keep underwear on at public events. Nipples may be free. 
  6. Do not make unsolicited comments about anyone else's body.
  7. Do not take any photos of anyone in attendance without consent. 
  8. Do not post photos without the consent of EVERYONE in the photo. 
  9. Do not reveal the identity of anyone you meet in the space once you leave. Many people prefer anonymity. 
  10.  Be mindful of making noise in the space when others are tying around you, this includes loud talking and laughing. 
  11. Be discrete when moving through other parts of the premises. Clothes are optional in the space but not outside the door.
  12. Please stay home if you are feeling unwell.
  13. This is a sober space. Please do not use any recreational drugs or alcohol before coming or while on site. 
  14. Acknowledge and accept that you are participating in high-risk behavior at your own risk.
  15. No suspension is allowed unless you have been given permission, please message us beforehand via Instagram DM to tell us about the suspension you would like to do


What is Shibari/Kinbaku/Bondage? 

The art of binding the body of a consenting adult. 

Is rope always sexual?

Rope has many benefits and practitioners outside of the sexual paradigm. For some, it is about pushing their bodies not unlike engaging in strenuous exercise or extreme sports. For some, it is a way to reclaim their agency after trauma. For some, it is a way to experience a connection with others without the scripts and expectations associated with genital contact. As long as what you are doing is consensual and intentional, we consider it healthy and valid.

What should I wear?

This is a friendly learning environment, not a sexual one, so crotches are to remain covered. Other than that, you are free to wear whatever you like. We find that it is easier to tie with minimal clothing or clothing that you can move in easily (leggings, shorts, etc.).

Should I bring my own rope?

We encourage all participants to bring their own rope if they have any. For those who do not have rope, we have quality rope from SudoJute on sale at our rope kiosk. Additionally, we have class rope for use during our jams as well. All our class rope is quality 6mm Tokyo Asanawa rope from SudoJute which has already been pre-treated and pre-used. We do not permit any fluids or crotch rope/face rope/mouth rope with our class rope.

Do I need a partner?

We encourage all jam participants, regardless of skill level, to practice and experience rope through the act of self-tying. Some of our jams and workshops may require participants to come partnered and will be outlined as such in the event description itself. For this jam you are welcome to come solo. We do not pair up jam participants. This means that you may find someone on the night who will be willing to partner with you after walking through some pre-tying negotiation, but this is not a guarantee. If you are unpartnered, we encourage participants to watch, chat with our team and self-tie.


Rope Jam | Queer Jam - Beginner Friendly
Embodiment Rope Space, Salt River
unit g07, 100 Voortrekker Rd, Salt River, Cape Town, 7925
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