Groovy Nights: First Thursday Pop-Up with Retrofit & Kaantget

Thu Dec 7, 19:00 - Fri Dec 8, 01:00



?? Groovy Nights: First Thursday Pop-Up with Retrofit & Kaantget ??

When: Doors open at 6pm

Where: Cycling Friends, 55 Somerset Road, Greenpoint

??? Tickets: Grab your chance for a limited release of complimentary tickets, offering an exclusive sneak peek into this unforgettable evening. For others, general tickets are available at just R50.

??? Food, Music & Fashion: Dive into a sensory extravaganza! Enjoy mouth-watering food that tantalizes your taste buds, sway to the rhythm of our expert DJs spinning retro and modern tracks, and explore a unique range of clothing from Retrofit & Kaantget & Groovy Nights - perfect for those who love to blend style with nostalgia.

This ticket serves as evidence of the purchase made for the aforementioned event and must be presented upon admission.

Please note that this ticket is non-transferable, and only one ticket is valid per purchase.

Duplicating tickets with the intent of falsifying entry is strictly prohibited.

Refunds, if available, are subject to the discretion of the Event Organizer. Please choose your purchase carefully as refunds may not be granted.

The Event Organizer reserves the right to deny entry to any individual.

For registrations or other event payments, this ticket may be considered a valid tax invoice or receipt.

This ticket has been generated and managed using the Quicket site and is also governed by the Terms and Conditions of Quicket.

As the Event Organizer responsible for hosting this event, GROOVY NIGHTS assumes sole responsibility for all matters related to ticket sales. If you have any inquiries regarding this event, please contact GROOVY NIGHTS at [email protected].

Please be aware that proof of age or a concession card may be requested.

Latecomers will be required to wait until they can be seated, and no refunds will be issued. Doors open at 9 PM.

Tickets must not be resold at a price exceeding their original purchase price. Any tickets found to be scalped may be canceled, and the holder will be denied entry.

Individuals who exhibit disruptive behavior such as being noisy, intoxicated, threatening, or unruly will be asked to leave the premises.

The Event Organizer retains all rights to film, photograph, and produce video content of this event.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances leading to the cancellation of the event, a full refund will be provided to all ticket holders.

Any data collected for marketing purposes during this event will be handled strictly in accordance with the Privacy of Information Act.


Groovy Nights: First Thursday Pop-Up with Retrofit & Kaantget
55 Somerset Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8051
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