The Seven Symphonies: A Classical Tribute to Beach Boys Music

Sat Mar 23, 19:00 - Sun Mar 24, 16:00

Endler Hall


A Global Sensation, Now in South Africa!

Experience the magic of the legendary Beach Boys like never heard before! Join us for the South African Premiere of "The Seven Symphonies: A Classical Tribute to Beach Boys Music," presented by the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of renowned conductor Alexandra Arrieche at the Endler Hall in Stellenbosch. See our teaser here.

The concert features seven symphonies derived from 33 different Beach Boys songs, carefully selected and curated by Rob van Weelde (owner, WedgeView Studios, Netherlands) and arranged by Roeland Jacobs (manager and producer) for a transcendent classical orchestral experience. To see a list of Beach Boys tunes included in the seven symphonies, click here.

This project, initiated in 2017, is a testament to four years of meticulous dedication. Despite pandemic challenges, the orchestral renditions were recorded at Galaxy Studios in Belgium by the Antwerp Philharmonic in August 2021, conducted by Alexandra Arrieche.

A Masterpiece Unveiled: The Album Release and Beyond

The album, released on CD and LP in March 2022, garnered acclaim on Belgian and Dutch national platforms, including radio and television. Witness the culmination of this symphonic masterpiece on stage, building on the success of its live World Premiere in Antwerp.

A Symphony Beyond Borders: An International Documentary in the Making

The Olympia Symphony Orchestra's performance will be featured in an international documentary, capturing the evolution of this extraordinary project.

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Prepare to be transported into the harmonious universe of the Beach Boys like never before. Join us for an unforgettable evening of timeless melodies and orchestral brilliance.