Fascial Unwinding essentials

Fri Sep 20, 12:00 - Sat Sep 21, 18:00

The Source, Cape Town


2 day workshop for movement therapists:

In this workshop we explore

Biotensegrity Day 1 session 1

Learn how to tap into the inner landscape of 3D anatomy

How tuning in with somatic awareness allows us to experience the efficient nature of our design

Reconnect with how we were born to move, different from how we may have been taught to move

SomaSensing Pandiculation essentials Day 1 session 2

Reconnect with pandiculation, your somatic blueprint in standing, seated, and on the ground

Experience how it calms stress, eases strain, restores suppleness and spring loads our bodies fascia

Explore the difference as fascia phase changes effortlessly, getting into areas a stretch just can't get to

Fascial unwinding essentials Day 2 session 1 & 2

Experience how to tune in with interoceptive awareness, to get to the heart of healing

Learn essential somatic cues to unlock the self-organising nature of the body 

Explore fascia as our bodies largest sensing organ a self-organising, self regulating process, indispensable to our well-being

Date: September 20th & 21st

Time: 12h00 to 18h00

Venue: The Source Cape Town

Investment: R3,800

Early bird special, R3200 available till 5th September 2024


Fascial Unwinding essentials
The Source, Cape Town
6 Winchester Ave, Bishopscourt, Cape Town, 7708
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