No under 16s

The Premium Seminar

Fri Dec 15, 10:00 - Fri Dec 15, 12:30

RaiseFx Offices


Join us at our private premium seminar hosted by X-Proprietary Capital. This seminar will be a face-to-face conversation based on the opportunities and services offered at our company and how to become a part of our team as a client or partner.

Topics in Discussion:

  1. The Two Different Portfolios Offered by X-Proprietary Capital
  2. How does PAMM Wealth Management work?
  3. Our Annual Trading Report
  4. Q's and A’s
  5. Simulated Accounts/Prop Firm Accounts (FTMO, FundedNext, The FundedTrader)
  6. How does our funded account management service work?
  7. Prop Firm Trading Companies with whom we have partnered
  8. Q's and A’s
  9. Scaling Up Plan (Only offered to our PAMM Fund Clients)
  10. The FundedTrader Campus Academy
  11. Career Opportunities offered by X-Proprietary Capital
  12. Q's and A’s
  13. Closing


The Premium Seminar
RaiseFx Offices
114 Oxford Rd, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196
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