No under 13s

Nature Immersion Walk

Sun Dec 3, 07:00 - Sun Dec 3, 10:00

Sunbird Centre parking lot


Come and immerse yourself in the Natural world! This is a rejuvenating experience where we will walk in a tucked-away serene area of Silvermine Nature Reserve, experiencing connection with the natural elements all around us, using tools to open our hearts and senses. As we meander will learn about the history,, the flora and the fauna of the valley. 

Because on top of being beautiful and heartwarming, taking a conscious walk in Nature helps reduce stress, boosts energy levels and fosters a deeper connection to both Nature and oneself.

We are Nature

Come immerse yourself

Grading: A (easy walk)

What to Bring:

a Sun hat

1 litre of water

a light raincoat

a healthy snack

Should it rain enough to prevent us from doing the walk, your ticket will be valid for a future walk, within 2 months of this one.


Nature Immersion Walk
Sunbird Centre parking lot
Sunbird Centre, Silvermine Rd, Silver Mine (Nature Reserve), Cape Town, South Africa
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